Peter + Sarah

Peter and Sarah grew up in Delaware and have been married now for10 years. They began their friendship and relationship during the last year of high-school before Sarah headed for college in Utah, and Peter headed for college in NJ. They currently live in Delaware and have 3 beautiful children. They created YRBK so they can offer more families the same quality they enjoy themselves and the same professionalism and perfection Peter brings to his commercial clients. 

I fell for Sarah pretty much at the beginning. She was genuine, fun, generous to others, and emersed in a world of music, cafe’s, concerts, shows, food, family, and friendships. We dated (in Delaware), went to prom together, dated more, broke up (Utah college for her, NJ college for me), kept in touch, dated again (this time on the west coast), got engaged (Delaware) and married (in Washington D.C), had 1 kid, then another, and then 1 more. She is still my best friend in the world and still as kind and beautiful as she was 17 years ago when we met.
YRBK has been a challenge over the years while we officially formed it. We want it to be great, to work, and to offer something unique. All the test models and test students, meetings about products and services, research, advice from commercial colleagues and PR consultants, promotional offers, give-aways, networking, etc. There’s been a lot we’ve done looked into to launch YRBK and to ensure we could offer our portraits to students at a reasonable price so they can do it more than once.
Ultimately, we wanted to offer the quality Peter does for his commercial clients at a special rate for students, something we weren’t offering due to the production and time that goes into every shoot. We’ve enjoyed meeting the students that have come in already and we look forward to meeting everyone that comes in for their portrait. It’s exciting to think where they might end up 5 or 10 years from now. It’s an important time in their life as it was for us years ago.

YRBK Magazine

YRBK Magazine is a specialized portrait photography studio and magazine created by Peter Van Beever and his wife Sarah. YRBK offers commercial quality portraits and personal YRBK magazines to students.


Peter is the owner of Peter Van Beever Studio, LLC located in Wilmington, DE. *Please note: YRBK portraits are only offered through his studio, which is not open to the general public and is by appointment only.

Peter's photography work:

Fashion, magazine and catalog
Models, internationally signed and local
Actors, headshots, private commissions
Comedians, Chicago, NYC
Political events, John Lewis, Hillary Clinton, Richard Gere, Malala
Destination weddings, Miami, Boston, DC, LA, Caribbean, NYC
Charities, LLS, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia Phillies
Men's Clothing
High Fashion
Fashion Week Portland
Family portraits at private estates, Newport, Hamptoms, NYC, Delaware
Law offices
Personal commissions, maternity, beauty, small business, and more

Peter studied fine arts and design at Rowan University


Peter's Senior portrait.

Peter's Senior portrait.

I’ve always been interested in photographing people. Unlike a landscape that changes from season to season but mostly remains the same, a person can choose to change and change dramatically from the second you take their portrait to the next day. They can style and look, their personality, how they carry themselves, they can work out or gain weight or gain confidence. Their life and their friends and their relationships influences them and life’s challenges can alter them and no one person’s story will every be the same and no person will ever be the same.
YRBK portraits celebrate the unique qualities and personalities of individual students.